Kinetik Digital Oral Thermometer

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The Kinetik Medical Digital Oral Thermometer can detect high and low body temperature to help you monitor the progress of a fever and effectiveness of the fever-reducing medication. It may even help to plan for pregnancy by helping determine if a woman is ovulating. Digital...

Acutest Midstream Pregnancy Test - Over 99% Accurate - Easy to Use

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Acutest Midstream Pregnancy Test can be used as early as 7-10 days after conception in the comfort of your home. The test can be used at any time of day. The results can be read in 1 minute. The test is over 99% accurate. These tests...
Pregnancy Strip Test 3 Strips - Complete Set & Easy to Use

Pregnancy Strip Test 3 Strips - Complete Set & Easy to Use


Product Includes 3 x Test Strips, 1 x Urine Cup 1 x Hygienic Glove Clear Instructions Instructions Remove a test kit from the box. This comprises of 1 x plastic pot, 3x reagent strips and 1 x Glove. Collect a urine Sample in the plastic...
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