Swan Extra Length Replacement Flints for Majority of Lighters

Swan Extra Length Replacement Flints for Lighters

From £1.44

Swan Extra Long XL Flints Pack of 9 Full Box Contains 24 Packs Universal Size (will fit the majority of lighters) Longer Lasting You May Choose to Purchase 1, 2, 6, 12 or 24 (Full Box) Packets of 9 Flints

Safety Matches, Blue Box by Swedish Matches - 40 Matches

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We CANNOT dispatch these goods outside the UK. Safety Matches Made By Swedish Match Ideal for Lighting Candles, BBQ's, Camping and for Cooking etc. Average 40 Pcs per Box  Best Quality Choose How Many Boxes you Wish to Purchase

Clipper Metal Flint Lighter Gift Box Set

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Solid Metal Clipper Flint Lighter Refillable Petrol Lighter Easy Adjustable & Controllable Flame Comes in its own Clipper Embossed Metal Presentation Case The Perfect Most Reliable and Collectable Lighter Length of Actual Lighter: 75mm Clipper Embossed Lighter Great Gift and Collectable Item Colours / Variants...

Bull Brand Utility Mini Lighters - Ideal for Household Use

£3.00 Sold Out

The Bull Brand Mini Utility Lighter is ideal for household needs as well as being used for lighting cigarettes, the robust design and construction allows you to deliver a flame exactly where you need it. The large ignition button makes firing up the lighter effortless...

Clipper Classic Micro Flint Design Cigarette Lighter - 2 Pack

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Genuine Clipper Product Each Blister Pack Contains 2 Lighters Each Blister Pack Has Display Hook For Shop or Business Use Round Shaped Conforms To ISO 9994 Colourful Refillable Lighter Child Resistant Great Quality You May Choose To Buy 1, 2, 6 or 12 (Full Box)...
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