Small Grip Seal or Zipper Bags for Food, Jewellery and Small Items

Small Clear Grip Seal / Zipper / Zip Lock Bags - Resealable, Plastic Bags

From £1.42

Grip Seal Plastic Bags For Many Uses including Jewelry, Screws, Earrings and other Small Parts Clear Plastic Resealable Bags Lightweight Grip Seal / Zip Lock Choose the Required Size / Dimensions Choose the Required Quantity of Bags You May Choose to Purchase 25 to 10,000...
Poly Lion Black Sacks Bin Bags Heavy Duty Bin Liners

Poly-Lion Black Refuse Sacks Rolls Heavy Duty - 200 Liners


Black Refuse Bin Bags Colour: Black Heavy Duty Poly-Lion® Black Sacks Ideal for the Disposal of Heavy or Wet Waste and Refuse Strong, Durable Bin Liners Suitable for General Use in Households and can be used for Gardening, in Warehouses and Industries etc. Will Fit...
YSL Strong Blue Large Vest Plastic Carrier Bags

Blue Large Vest Carriers Plastic Bags for Shops, Takeaways, Stalls - 20mu

From £0.99

Large Blue Vest Carrier Bags are made from high-quality plastic. These large carriers are perfect for supermarkets, shops and takeaways, offering great value for money! Most commonly used in markets, shops, cafes, takeaways, catering outlets and other retail stores.  Large Blue Vest Carrier Bags Colour:...
Heavy Duty Black Refuse Bin Bag Liners Sacks Rolls British Made

Heavy Duty Black Refuse Bin Bag Liners Sacks Rolls - 100 Liners


100 Black Refuse Sacks / Bin Liners Recycled Material for the Environment Rim Size – 145cm Depth – 84cm 100% British Made To Fit Bin Sizes Approx.. 20 Black Sacks per Roll You will Receive Approx. 100 Black Sacks (5 x 20 Pack) ** BRITISH...

Safety Matches, Blue Box by Swedish Matches - 40 Matches

From £1.99 Sold Out

We CANNOT dispatch these goods outside the UK. Safety Matches Made By Swedish Match Ideal for Lighting Candles, BBQ's, Camping and for Cooking etc. Average 40 Pcs per Box  Best Quality Choose How Many Boxes you Wish to Purchase

Bull Brand Utility Mini Lighters - Ideal for Household Use

£3.00 Sold Out

The Bull Brand Mini Utility Lighter is ideal for household needs as well as being used for lighting cigarettes, the robust design and construction allows you to deliver a flame exactly where you need it. The large ignition button makes firing up the lighter effortless...

Black Wheelie Bin Strong Large Liners 7s

From £6.99 Sold Out

Black Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners Suitable for Household and Garden Waste Each Roll contains 7 Wheelie Bin Liners

Brasso Metal Polish - Brass, Copper, Chrome, Stainless Steel Cleaner - 200ml

£5.79 Sold Out

Longer Lasting Shine Multi-Purpose Metal Polish Metal Polish For Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel And Chrome Long Lasting V-Shaped Bristles Brasso - 200ml WARNING! Dangerous for the environment. Harmful to aquatic organisms. Flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label.
Bluestar De-Icer 300ml by CarPlan

Bluestar De-Icer 300ml by CarPlan

From £1.50

1, 6 or 12 x De-icer 300ml cans. Melts ice fast. For use on mirrors, windows and locks. Leaves a clear finish for increased visibility. Spray operates to -15 degrees.
Wooden Tooth Picks or Fruit Cocktail Sticks

Wooden Tooth Picks Fruit Cocktail Sticks - 100 x 6 Holders


600 Wooden Toothpicks Toothpicks / Cocktail Sticks 6 Holders with 100 Toothpicks in Each Double-Sided Point 2 Blue, 2 Yellow, 2 Transparent Holders Great for Party Food Put Fruits, Cheese etc. on top

Neon Flexible Bendy Straws Assorted Colours x 225

£2.45 Sold Out

Flexible Neon Straws Pack of 225 4 Assorted Colours Perfect for Birthday Parties, Picnics, BBQs etc… Designed for Single Use You Will Receive 1 Pack of 225 Flexi Straws Please Note: You will Receive the Straws in a Mail Bag / PIP Box – As...
Fire Blanket that is Wall Mountable by Infapower

Infapower Wall Mountable Fire Blanket


Infapower's fire blanket offers added safety against small fires at work, home and on holiday. The man-made specially treated glass fibre fabric is smooth, soft and without any irritation to the skin. The blanket is 0.43mm thick, can be easily carried and used quickly in...

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